The Trawalla Foundation was established in 2004 by the Schwartz family as a vehicle for their life-long philanthropic activities.

The Trawalla Foundation grant program reflects the active, thoughtful and progressive attitudes of the trustees. Inspired by the courage and talent of the individuals working within the third sector, we support organisations and individuals   

known to us for their capability and experience.

Accountability, strategic flexibility and leverage are essential elements to all our partnerships – qualities that we expect from our own work practices.  The trustees and staff of the Trawalla Foundation work to build positive, sustainable social returns on our social investments to achieve long-term impact.

Our Focus

Our broad focus areas are the arts, innovation and scholarship. Within these areas, we specifically pursue programs that promote women into leadership positions, a sustainable environment and civil society. We have a strong preference to invest in
initiatives for Australians who are marginalised due to economic opportunity, gender or cultural heritage.

Importantly, we consider a plan for self-sustainability to be a critical component of all funding applications.

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