The Trawalla Foundation works with individuals and organisations that have a vision for the future of Australian society.

Established in 2004 as a vehicle for the philanthropic activities of the Schwartz family.


The Trawalla Foundation works with exceptional individuals and organisations that have a vision for the future of Australia, focused on strengthening gender equality, creativity, sustainability and social justice within our society.

We adopt a range of levers including grants, investments, skills, networks and advocacy, to deepen the impact of the individuals and organisations that we work with.


Our investment values and approach guide who we invest or collaborate with, and the standards we hold ourselves to.


Our investment values include:

Gender equality: fundamentally believing in the value of more female leaders;

Creativity: embracing imagination and possibility;

Sustainability: creating financial, social and environmental value; and

Social justice: upholding principles of equity, inclusiveness and fairness.

Our investment approach is: to work with an entrepreneurial mindset, demonstrating the progressive attitudes and ideas of multiple generations. We aim to be bold, curious and action oriented, and are willing to take intelligent risks alongside our partners. We focus on catalysing and growing new initiatives, business models and organisations.

In order to:

Unlock the potential of exceptional people to realise their vision;

Demonstrate the value of ‘social venture’ capital, and encourage bolder philanthropy by others; and

Ultimately, create positive social, environmental and financial outcomes, and to strive for systems change.

Foundation Investments

We fund a range of organisations that align with our investment values and approach.


Philanthropic investments

Examples include:

Corpus investments

All of our Foundation corpus investments are managed with a responsible investing lens, including negative screenings (such as fossil fuels, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, animal welfare, firearms), and positive screenings (such as minimum 25 per cent of board directors must be women).

We also invest a proportion of our corpus in social and environmental impact investments, including funds, social impact bonds and venture capital. Examples include:

Please note: The Trawalla Foundation is a Private Ancillary Fund, which does not solicit funding requests from the public or have grant rounds.

Chair & Executive Officer

Carol Schwartz


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Sarah Buckley